A Natural Fibromyalgia Treatment Alternative

5htp has sparked the interest of many within the fibromyalgia community. Many of these individuals have reported significant reductions in fibromyalgia related symptoms and have been able to avoid many negative side effects induced by prescription medications; particularly increased weight gain.

5htp is a naturally occurring amino acid that helps with the production of serotonin. This is a chemical that promotes healthy nerve function in the brain. Stable and healthy supplies of serotonin have been shown to help reduce pain, depression, anxiety, premenstrual symptoms and migraines.

This specific supplement is derived from the seeds of the Griffonia simplicifolia plant which is found in West Africa. Herbal antidepressants and herbal sleep aid supplements have gained enormous popularity over the last few decades. This is due partly because of concern about long term exposure to chemically derived pharmaceuticals.

5htp, herbal supplement capsules

Many have called 5htp the herbal Prozac because of the similarities between these two treatment options.

This has made this supplement one the most popular and successful natural antidepressants available.

Furthermore, one of the biggest reasons people are choosing this product over other anti-depressants is because it can also help some individuals control their appetite. One of the most frustrating and unhealthy side effects I experienced while taking anti-depressants to help reduce my symptoms was significant weight gain.

This doesn't happen to all users, but a large percentage of people including myself have experienced less hunger urges while taking this product. This has allowed many to maintain a stable body weight.

Symptoms experienced by users range from nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, drowsiness, and fatigue. If you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant, do not use this supplement. Some studies have also shown people with Down syndrome have experienced seizures while using this product.

Warning: Many experts including Medline Plus which is part of the National Institutes of Health have labeled this product to be possibly unsafe. Some have even recommended not to use it until further testing is done. This is because a few people have been reported to have suffered from Eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome (EMS), a serious condition involving extreme muscle tenderness and blood abnormalities (eosinophilia).

Many believe this was from a contaminated batch of this product, but there has been no conclusive studies showing this to be the reason.

Since this industry is not monitored by the FDA, many believe this opens the door to shoddy or mismanaged distribution of these types of supplements. This is why you should purchase 5htp from a trusted source if you or your doctor feel this product may help. I purchase my products from prohealth.com which I highly recommend. They have two extremely popular products called "Fibrosleep" or "Fibro Freedom"

which combine 5htp with other herbs and supplements. These extremely effective combinations can help significantly reduce many fibromyalgia related symptoms. They've received stellar reviews which can be read on their website.

Prohealth.com also donates a portion of their sales to organizations such as Action for ME, the CFIDS Association of America, Inc., the National Fibromyalgia Association (NFA), and the National Fibromyalgia Research Association.

This product can be potent for some individuals, so if you decide to use it, make sure you are monitored by a licensed physician, professional health coach, nutritional expert, holistic care professional or homeopathic doctor. Many will recommend 50mg twice a day and eventually more if needed.

These individuals are very experienced with prescribing herbs, vitamins, and other supplements as a natural fibromyalgia treatment. They've worked with numerous patients and will help you avoid any medication interactions or unwanted side effects.

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