All Part Of The Puzzle

There are a few fibromyalgia exercise programs being used today that are helping thousands of people regain their strength and mobility. They not only offer help in these areas, but exercise can also raise serotonin levels which are chemicals in the brain that help reduce pain.

Fibromyalgia and exercise is in my opinion all part of the puzzle. If you don't exercise, you will not experience increased energy and true pain relief; period. I feel strongly about this because I myself, and other people I know that have fibromyalgia have experienced this in one way or another. If you don't keep yourself strong and limber, it can potentially set you up for some painful flare-ups.

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Some of these programs are also specifically designed to help people with limited mobility as well.

There are two basic fibromyalgia exercise routines that are great starting points. These consist of sitting exercises, or very fluid movements such as beginner Tai Chi exercise programs. Both of these programs help tremendously in building mild strength and flexibility.

If you feel you need more challenging routines, then different levels of pool exercises and yoga for fibromyalgia can add a different element to your regimen.

After a few years of trial and error, I eventually created my own personal workout routine that I still use to this day with unbelievable success.

Lesson Learned

I went through numerous periods in my life where I neglected my exercise routine all together because I had too many distractions. It was either because of long stressful days at work, family obligations, errands I had to run, or a lack of energy due to extreme fatigue.

These I felt were are all legitimate reasons at the time, but I just didn't realize that fibromyalgia and exercise are like yin and yang, hot and cold, high and low; a natural duality that if broken, doesn't complete the puzzle. I also noticed that I became stiff, lethargic, and consistently tired all the time.

Many of my flare-ups were caused by exposing myself to trauma like minor falls or muscle strains. This could be as simple as climbing off the back of a tailgate, lifting something mildly heavy or playing catch with my little sisters.

Any movement that consisted of quick or abrupt movements would give my body the shock it needed to begin a flare-up episode. These all happened when I wasn't exercising. I wasn't keeping my muscles flexible and strong which would have helped me avoid these pitfalls.

I'm sure you know just as well as I do, that it can take weeks and even months for these episodes to subside. I believe that regardless of how well your other treatment options are helping you, exposure to minor or major traumatic events can cause the pain, muscle spasms, and stiffness to return with a vengeance.

By introducing your muscles and joints to an effective fibromyalgia exercise regimen, you can increase your chances substantially of avoiding these painful episodes.

Overcome Your Fear

Note: You may experience pain, muscle soreness and stiffness when you first begin any of these fibromyalgia exercise programs. This is one of the fears you must overcome. I've found that once your muscles get acclimated to a consistent exercise routine, they become stronger and much more flexible. These symptoms will eventually subside as time goes on.

I was riddled with fear and frustration knowing that I would have to go through more aches and pains, but as long as I eased my way into a program, my body eventually adapted to these movements. It wasn't easy or a walk in the park, but I finally realized that if I had the courage to overcome this fear, I was able to work through these episodes.

It is crucial to always have access to either a hot bath, jacuzzi, or a massage once you finish exercising. This is by far; one of the most effective strategies I've found over the years. It will help prevent muscle contractions and spasms which eventually lead to added stiffness and soreness. Why put yourself through that if it could have been avoided!

An effective fibromyalgia exercise routine is one of the most valuable treatment options you have at your disposal. It's cheap, it's healthy, and it's fun. You may find it extremely hard to move around depending on the severity of your symptoms,

but with a combination of other treatment options listed on this site, you'll be able to slowly bend and stretch in ways you didn't think were possible.

Exercise will be a crucial part of your recovery. So please take my advice and do whatever you can to stay strong and flexible. You will thank yourself later, believe me!

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