The Best Alternative Options

Fibromyalgia supplements have gained enormous popularity over the years. A large percentage of these natural cures for fibromyalgia have been around for centuries; and have stood the test of time. They offer help in many areas ranging from alternative pain relief, depression, restful sleep, anxiety, nutrient deficiencies, and increased energy. The results can be truly amazing.

There are many different forms of supplements for fibromyalgia. Some are derived from plants or trees, and others contain natural agents found in food and animals. Fibromyalgia supplements are also very effective substitutes for people that are sensitive to certain prescription medications and would like to avoid any chemically derived agents. The use of these alternative treatments for fibromyalgia can potentially help you reduce or completely eliminate your daily intake of any pharmaceuticals. Below is a list of the most popular supplements being used today.

fibromyalgia supplements, plant leaf in microscope

  • Guaifenesin
  • Coq10 supplements
  • 5htp
  • Vitamin B-12
  • Fibroboost
  • Boswellia extract
  • Hyaluronic acid supplement
  • Magnesium malate
  • Omega3 fatty acids
  • MSM
  • Sam-e
  • Bacopa monnieri
  • Fibromyalgia and vitamin D

Are They Safe?

Natural treatments for fibromyalgia have been scrutinized by many due to the lack of oversight by the FDA. This is understandable.

To overcome this, most manufacturers have meticulously formulated these supplements over the years to insure both their potency, safety and effectiveness. It's extremely important to find a reputable company that meets these expectations since this area isn't regulated by the government. Well established companies strive to meet these obligations, and have done so with great success. This is very important because if contaminated, they can cause severe illness and even death.

There are so many resources available today that it can be very overwhelming trying to determine if they are truly a safe alternative. Some research suggests some are safe, and others are very cautious about the long term effects. There are resources available that can help you obtain a better understanding of these supplements before pursuing these types of treatments.

In 1992, the United States Congress established the Office of Alternative Medicine (OAM). This office is within the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and is now called the (NCCAM) National Center for Complimentary and Alternative medicine. This department helps with the scientific evaluation of alternative treatments and documents their effectiveness as well.

You can find these evaluations on the Medline Plus

website, which is a service of the NIH. They give a brief description of each supplement or herb, what conditions or diseases they help treat, and a conclusion as to whether they are considered safe.

The fact that the government took steps to establish these services shows you the ever growing popularity of natural cures for fibromyalgia and many other chronic conditions.

Note: Many of these products can have dangerous reactions with other medications so it's extremely important to know which ones you can take together. There are many licensed professional health coaches, nutritional experts, holistic care doctors and homeopaths that are very experienced with using herbs, vitamins, and supplements as a natural fibromyalgia treatment.

It's well worth an office visit or an online consultation to discuss available treatment options for you. They've worked with numerous patients and will help you avoid any medication interactions.

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