Tai Chi Exercise

Effective Exercise for Fibromyalgia

Tai Chi exercise routines are being recognized as an extremely effective treatment option for people suffering with musculoskeletal conditions such as fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. This ancient chinese art form uses gentle body movements and combines them with specific breathing and relaxation techniques.

This type of excercise is believed by many to help stimulate the immune system, improve blood circulation, and increase energy. It's been practiced for over 1000 years and was designed to bring the body and mind into perfect harmony.

Tai Chi exercise routines are arguably one of the best low impact exercise programs for people with fibromyalgia. In August 2010 the New England journal of medicine performed a randomized trial of Tai Chi for fibromyalgia.

It was a single-blind study that compared the physical and psychological benefits of Tai Chi, with a controlled type therapy consisting of wellness education and stretching. After the 12 week intervention was over, they concluded that the patients using the Tai chi exercise program experienced a greater reduction of musculoskeletal pain and better sleep quality.

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The form used for this specific trial was the classic Yang style Tai Chi. The classes were taught featuring Ramel Rones a Tai Chi master with over 20 years of teaching experience.

Ramel has been involved with bringing qigong and tai chi into medical studies through the National Institute of Health (NIH). He works with patients at Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Tufts School of Medicine, and Harvard Medical School. He's been a senior disciple of Tai Chi and Qigong Grandmaster Yang, Jwing-Ming since the early 1980s.

There's a fantastic beginners DVD available featuring Mr Rones by the name of "Sunset Tai Chi". It's received many accolades for its detailed and insightful instructions. This video provides an introduction to basic breathing, cool down, and relaxation techniques which can help in many different areas such as pain and stress reduction. They can also be done while sitting down so they present a great opportunity for fibromyalgia sufferers with limited mobility. The reviews are overwhelmingly positive. I highly recommend this type of exercise program if you're just starting out.

Once you feel comfortable enough to move on, Mr Rones also has a DVD named "Sunrise Tai Chi"

which focuses more on movements rather than breathing techniques.

These 2 DVD's are one of the best treatment options available. I hope you take advantage of these reasonably priced gems. They're a small price to pay when it comes to effective forms of exercise for fibromyalgia.

Many gyms and health clubs also offer Tai Chi classes as well, so if you prefer to join a motivated group of people who are also looking to improve their overall health and wellbeing, this is a great program to get involved in.

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