Depression with Anxiety

A Common Duality for Fibromyalgia Sufferers

Unfortunately depression with anxiety is a common obstacle for people living with fibromyalgia. If untreated, it can lead to a severe reduction in your quality of life.

Many can attribute these symptoms to ongoing chronic pain, lack of sleep and a constant intake of energy sapping medications.

Despite the common forms of depression many are familiar with, fibromyalgia depression has its own characteristics. Living with chronic pain for long periods of time can have a profound effect on your mental and physical well being. This is why it must be treated immediately and effectively.

For me, many years of toxic build up in my joints and muscle tissue caused severe pain and fatigue. As a result, bouts of depression with anxiety were an unfortunate consequence.

The anxiety would surface without warning, and would be followed by excessive sweating. This would then lead to heart palpitations and an overwhelming sense of panic. It was even more pronounced when under extreme stress.

depression with anxiety, woman depressed

In addition, the inability to contain or stop the constant pain in my joints and muscles added to the uncertainty of not knowing if I was ever going to get through this ordeal. This sent me into a depressive state of mind that I hope to never experience again.

When you've tried every pain killer, muscle relaxer, anti-inflammatory, and anti-depressant without any lasting effect, it starts to break you down little by little.

Living with this disease has made me look at pain in a whole new light. I will never question someone again when they tell me they're having difficulty with chronic pain. It's truly a humbling experience.

The Winning Combination

There are many effective treatment options available today that were virtually unknown when I was first diagnosed. The explosion of the world wide web has allowed these programs to surface and help thousands of people that never had access to this information before.

By using the simple but effective supplements, manual treatments, and moderate exercise routines listed on this site, I've been able to completely eliminate these symptoms. My experience with these treatment options have made such a fundamental difference to my quality of life that I felt compelled to try and shed some light on these amazing breakthroughs.

Depression with anxiety can be a major hurdle to overcome without a potent or useful program that treats the underlying causes. If you only treat the symptoms, the progression of this disease will eventually affect other areas of your body. Then you’ll be forced to find another medication to hold you over until the next set of symptoms surface.

Important: If you're currently taking any medications

for fibromyalgia and depression, it's extremely important to discuss any changes you're planning to make with your doctor before trying any treatment options listed on this site. They'll be able to guide you in the right direction and slowly wean you off of your current medications if you decide to change course.

If you don't do this properly, it could result in very dangerous interactions or severe withdrawal symptoms.

If you've recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, or you're receiving lackluster results from your current treatment program, hopefully this site will provide you with a new outlook on the possibilities. They've changed my life forever.

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