The Guaifenesin Protocol

"Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish"

- John Quincy Adams

The guaifenesin protocol requires two basic principles; find the right guaifenesin dosage and avoid salicylates. It may sound simple, but it requires attention to detail and a little patience. This isn't because it has a long list of complex steps, but because it takes a little time to achieve these two results. I'll explain why.

The good news is, when this treatment program is working correctly you'll notice results in a relatively short amount of time. I started noticing the reversal in just 2 weeks.

The reason for this attention to detail is because you must use salicylate free products. Salicylates are salts of salicylic acid which is used in making aspirin, antiseptic agents, fungicides, cosmetics, dental care products, dietary supplements, hair products, herbal remedies, topical creams, suppositories, and muscle balms.

guaifenesin protocol, pills on notepad

These salts allow some of these products to be easily absorbed by the skin which makes them very effective.

There's also methyl salicylate which is the oil of wintergreen and is used in chewing gum and topical agents such as oils and lotions.

Since both guaifenesin and salicylates collect in the kidneys, this negates the effectiveness of the guaifenesin protocol. This is why they must be avoided at all costs!

No Pain No Gain

In addition to avoiding salicylates, you'll begin using some form of guaifenesin tablets or capsules. The dosages can vary because some people require higher doses than others. This is explained in great detail in the book, "What your doctor may not tell you about fibromyalgia".

It's extremely important that you keep track of your symptoms during this process. A daily journal is recommended so that you can monitor these changes.

Please Note: Your symptoms will get worse at the beginning of your treatment. Dr St Amand and Claudia Marek allude to this in their book.

This is the reversal process taking place. If you notice this sudden change within just days; consider it a good sign because it could mean that you've discovered the correct guaifenesin dosage. I know it may sound strange telling you that your symptoms getting worse is good, but believe me, if you can gather the courage to go through this process, the symptoms will begin to literally dissolve.

To prepare for these potentially worse symptoms, you should start taking guaifenesin just a few days before the weekend, or when you have some time off. This will allow you to develop a plan of action if you need assistance from family or friends to help with daily chores and responsibilities.


Another important element of the guaifenesin protocol is body mapping. This process was fine tuned and developed by Dr St Amand. This simple procedure allows doctors to identify noticeable deposits just under the skins surface. They can determine whether you're using the correct guaifenesin dosage because these lumps will begin to dissipate as the kidneys successfully purge these deposits from your body.

It's highly recommended that you visit Dr St Amand’s office, but if you're unable to travel that far, there's a Doctors and Practitioners list located on their Fibromyalgia treatment center website. You can find local doctors, chiropractors, pain management specialists, and massage therapists that follow his protocol and are familiar with the body mapping techniques. These maps will let you know whether you’re on the right path.

Proof In The Pudding

The speed in which guaifenesin removes deposits from your body is remarkable. Below are body maps for both me and my mother who also has fibromyalgia. These were given to us when we first started the guaifenesin protocol, and within just 3 months these were the ending results. If this isn't enough proof of a full blown reversal, then I don't know what is.

guaifenesin protocol body map

guaifenesin protocol body map 3 months later

guaifenesin protocol body map

guaifenesin protocol body map

It's Your Choice

There's a possibility you may not be able to adhere to the strict demands of the guaifenesin protocol. This could be because of products you must avoid that you use on a daily basis and just can't live without. Others may also have a job that requires them to be exposed to these elements on a daily basis.

A great example is my massage therapist. She also has fibromyalgia, but has to work with many different kinds of lotions and oils that contain enormous amounts of salicylates. Unfortunately these products are demanded by her customers so she can't eliminate them from her daily routine. She obviously can't wear gloves while doing her job, so she uses other treatment options mentioned on this site which help her tremendously.

Even though the guaifenesin fibromyalgia treatment option is my top choice, there are plenty of others that may work better for you depending on your circumstances.

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