How to Avoid (salicylates) The Ultimate Deal Breakers

Using salicylate free products is by far the most important requirement when using guaifenesin as a fibromyalgia treatment. If you avoid doing this, all bets are off!

Some of the personal care products you're using today may contain them, but this isn't a huge surprise when you consider that a very large percentage of these items contain chemical or plant derivatives. With a little research, comparable items can be found.

This may sound impossible, but I know many people including my mother that were eventually able to adapt to these changes.

It's sometimes more difficult for women because they use more topicals like cosmetics, lotions, and hygiene products; so finding ones that don't contain salicylates can be a very tedious and time consuming process. This is the sacrifice you have to make if you want to feel better, but it’s well worth the commitment.

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Dr R Paul St Amand, his medical assistant Claudia Craig Marek, and other team members have done a superb job creating a salicylate quick reference guide and salicylate free products list on the fibromyalgia treatment board site. It's been updated regularly throughout the years and has many contributors.

There's also another list that has the names of salicylate free ingredients which is on the guai-support web page. Use this list to match the ingredients listed on the back of your products. If there's any showing that are not on this list, then I would recommend to avoid using it. These lists can save you hours and hours of research!

It's ultimately your responsibility to read the labels of the products you're using because some companies will change the ingredients they use. This includes items on the salicylate free products list.

To get the process started, the best thing to do is review these lists and go through every single item in your purse, make-up or hygiene bag, medicine cabinet, bathroom, kitchen, desk drawer at home or work, gym locker, and garage or greenhouse.

Now look over the reference page and see if any of these ingredients are in your products. Make sure to set some time aside because this may take a few hours. The more attention to detail you put towards this task, the more successful your treatment will be.

When I first discovered this program, my health insurance did not cover visits to Dr St Amand, so I was examined by two top internists at UCLA Medical center. They were familiar with this treatment program, but for the most part, it didn’t yield any substantial results for their patients. I thought this was very odd, considering the research that was introduced in Dr St Amand's book, so I finally decided to make an appointment anyway at his office and pay out of pocket. I wanted to see if this treatment program really worked.

Needless to say, my suspicions were correct. The program works, but it must be done correctly. I’m by no means insulting the intelligence of these doctors. They're professionals in their field and have gone through extensive training to become experts in these areas. I just believe at the time, they were just not aware of how dedicated patients must be to eliminating all salicylates from the products they use on a daily basis.

I strongly believe this is why so many people have given up or written articles and comments about their lack of results. In order to reap the benefits of this treatment program, salicylate free products must be used. You'll be wasting precious time time if you don't.

Trial and Error

Important: You may find it impossible to find salicylate free products every time. In fact, I've purchased products like shaving cream or hair gel that had no salicylates in the ingredients at all, but they still caused me to start feeling symptoms within just days. This is because all ingredients are not always disclosed on the packaging, so you just have to accept this as one of the challenges to overcome.

This is where patience and determination comes into play. Believe me, once you find products that you're happy with, it will become a much easier process.

The best question to ask yourself is, (what items do I put in my mouth or on my skin on a daily basis?) These items would include chewing gum, breath mints, mouth wash, hand soap (including bars), toothpaste, cough drops or medicine, certain antacids, shampoo, hair sprays, hair gels or sculpting mousse, soaps, lotions, cosmetics, dishwashing fluids, kitchen and bathroom cleaners, gardening products (including handling actual plants without gloves), automotive cleaning agents, hand sanitizers, foot care lotions or sprays, perfumes, colognes, sunscreens, lipstick or balms, deodorants, shaving creams, medicated wipes, and even some herb or mineral supplements.

All of these items could potentially contain some form of salicylates.

You must eliminate all products that contain salicylates from your arsenal or it will prevent the guaifenesin from working.

There's a very unique online retailer that sells salicylate free products like skin, cosmetic, hair, body, and dental care. These items are also botanical, gluten, and fragrance free and have not been tested on animals. Their products are also good for people with sensitive skin as well.

Avoiding salicylates can seem like an unattainable goal. You may use products that you feel you just can't live without. I experienced the same feelings and thought I would never find comparable solutions. Even my mother used cosmetics and lotions that she just dreaded getting rid of.

If I didn't think the benefits of not using these items were worth mentioning on this website, I would have never shared my experience with this particular treatment option. Adhere to the guaifenesin protocol

and you will be richly rewarded. It's changed my life forever.

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